Welcome to
Rock Springs High School
Your building administrators are:

Ms. Annie Fletcher, Principal

Mr. William Hiser, Associate Principal

Mr. Fred Hollingshead Associate Principal

Mr. Thomas Jassman, Activities Director/Associate Principal

 RSHS Mission:

At RSHS we strive to attain our full potential by developing the necessary mindsets, skills, and knowledge to grow as lifelong learners and be productive members of society.


Families and Community Members

Please know we are aware there is a student walk out planned for March 14, 2018; this protest is not second amendment related, but focused on school safety and student responsibility. In the process, Rock Springs High School will be providing a safe, supervised space for this to occur. Students who follow the student code of conduct, stay in the supervised spaces, and return to class at the end of the 17 minutes will not be subject to disciplinary consequences. CCR time will be used to ensure instructional time is not lost. This protest has been student led and organized. During this process, the organizers have been very respectful and worked with administration to ensure the message stays with making schools a safe place to learn and grow.