Announcements for May 18, 2018

Good Morning, Rock Springs High School!


Lunch Menu

Chicken Tenders, Beef Hot Dog, Ham & Cheese Deli or a PB & J

ACT Word of the Day

cogent (adj.): (of an argument or case), clear, logical and convincing

An experienced speaker, John knew how to deliver a cogent presentation that would easily engage his audience.

General Announcements

  • Attention All Future AP Biology students:  If you signed up for AP Biology next year, stop in Mr. McCrann’s room, room 432 and get a summer packet and textbook for the summer.
  • Florida Virtual Students need to be finished TODAY!  If you have questions, see Mrs. Mortensen.

  • Drivers Ed packets are now available in the office.

  • Community Connection packets are available in the office.

  • Seniors:  It’s that time of year, pay up!  Your fines are due!  You will not be allowed to walk with your class on graduation day if your fines are not taken care of.  See Mel in the office or Mrs. Spann in the ALC to find out if you are on the fine list or to take care of your fine.
  • Attention soon-to-be Juniors and Seniors:  If you have a valid drivers license and would like a parking pass, see Dena in the office for an application.   Only 215 will be given out.
  • We are reaching out to you to let you know of some recent changes with our check in and check out procedures. You must Check out on the front desk computer or your absence will not be counted!  If you leave the building without a call in from a parent during school hours you will be ticketed for daytime curfew violation.

Guidance/Student Services


  • Tiger Paws are now on sale.  Come get yours in Mrs. Petrie-Bullock’s room (421) or you can buy one at any of the games.

Activity Information

  • ATTENTION track participants; with the school year rapidly closing, we’re pushing for all uniforms to be turned in ASAP. Uniforms can be turned in to a coach or to Mel in the office. This will be our 1st notice. IF uniforms aren’t turned in by 5/21, students will be placed on the fine list for $300.00. Seniors who don’t turn in uniforms, won’t be able to walk through graduation until any & all fines are paid in full.
  • There will be Study Hall for all Sports and Activities on Mondays from 2:30 to 3:20. See your Coach for a place.

Have a GREAT day!