RSHS Counselors

Counselor and Administration Assignments

General Education:

Students Counselor Administration
A-C & FLLA Wiest Suppes
D-H & ERA A-L Phillips Jassman
I-M and HA A-K Hanson Larios
N-R and ERA M-Z Jensen Hollingshead
S-Z and HA K-Z Petrie-Bullock Fletcher

Special Education:

Students Counselor Administration
Freshman Doak Suppes
Sophomores Doak Hollingshead
Juniors Sturgeon Larios
Seniors Sturgeon Jassman
Special Programs Sturgeon Fletcher


Our Role

Our role at RSHS is to help our students to become academically successful and emotionally well adjusted--happy, confident, and secure. We are your advocates, and the counseling office is a safe place where you can come to calm down and get help.

The counselors are here to help in a variety of ways--both with academic concerns and personal issues.

Academic Concerns

  1. Choose classes that are appropriate for you
  2. Help you decide upon a career
  3. Talk to you about colleges
  4. Assist if you are having difficulties in a particular class (work too hard, teacher conflicts)
  5. Information on tests given at the High School
  6. Change a class according to RSHS policy

Personal Issues

  1. Relationship problems--friends, teachers, parents
  2. Death/bereavement
  3. Family problems--divorce
  4. Abuse--physical/sexual
  5. depression
  6. Self-harm
  7. Anxiety