Career Academies

MISSION AND GOALS             

The mission and goals of all Rock Springs High School career academies is to raise student’s aspirations and commitment, to increase student achievement, and to focus on college and careers simultaneously. 


The Rock Springs High School Career Academies are structured around the Career Academy National Standards Of Practice.  They introduce students to a variety of career opportunities in business and industry and equip youth with the background to make sound choices for their futures.  They will provide 10th through 12th grade students with a strong, college-prep curriculum as well as industry-related courses of study.  The academies enable and encourage students to participate in classroom and onsite activities with local employers, obtain employment after graduation, and pursue higher education.  Academy graduates heading directly to the workforce are readily employed by industry.  

Graduates will have: heightened career awareness technical skills higher self-awareness verbal and written communication skills problem-solving skills improved teamwork skills These skills can be applied to any career area they may select, and in life.  

Energy Resource Academy (ERA)

Health Occupations Career Academy (HOCA)

Fire, Law & Leadership Academy (FLLA)