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Online Card Catalog (with links to GoWYLD state databases and Follett Shelf eBooks)



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the ALC open?

A: Monday-Friday from 7:00am-3:00pm. For the 2020-2021 school year, students are allowed to come in and check out books, but cannot congregate in groups. Individual students can use tables must be six feet apart.

Q: How long can I check out books?

A: 15 school days (doesn't count weekends), so basically, 3 weeks.

Q: Will I be fined if my books are overdue?

A: No. However, books not returned or renewed by the end of a quarter will be marked as lost and charged accordingly:

   Paperbacks: $10

   Oversized Paperbacks: $15

   Hardback Fiction: $20

   Non-Fiction: $30

   These costs are a rough average of the books in these sections. These are replacement costs for damaged books as well.

Q: Is there a fine for college books?

A: Yes, college books are fined only if they are not returned. The cost of the fine is the equivalant to purchase cost.

Q:  Can I listen to music while in the ALC?

A:  Yes, but please use your own player and USE HEADPHONES.

Q: Can I come to the ALC during class time?

A: Yes, with teacher permission.  Be sure to have a hall pass.  You will need to sign in at the front desk upon arrival. School policy states that if you have checked out of school, you are not to be in the ALC/Library (see student handbook pg. 22 under section B: Attendance).

Q: Can I bring food or drink into the ALC?

A:  Yes, but keep it at the tables and clean up after yourself.  Please keep all food and/or drink away from the computers and any print materials belonging to the school.

Q: What do we use to sign-in to the ALC and to check out books?

A: Your student ID is the preferred method for checking out books. However, you can use your Student ID number (wm# only without the wm).

Q: What services does the ALC provide?

A: Research, creation, book lending, testing, academic support, and information.

Q: What electronic services does the ALC provide?

A: Wyoming State Library databasesJSTOR (in school use only), Audiobooks, Electronic books & referenceAlexandria Researcher (online card catalog) and more.

Q: Some of the electronic services require login information. What do I use to login?

A: For audiobooks, Alexandria Research, and Destiny Discover, you use your school issued username (I.E. 20spannan) and your student ID number. For other resources like the Gale Virtual Reference Library, please see Dr. Spann or message her on Canvas or by email.

The Wyoming State Library Databases does not require a login at school; however, if you are accessing these resources from home, you need a city library card number and PIN (usually the PIN is set at "wyld" unless a user has changed it).